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Belief Statements



Our students are STARS!

We believe in the DREAMS, They can RISE & LIFT this school and community to new heights.

If they can just STAND TOGETHER against ignorance.

If they can LEAD each other to the right decision.

If they can use their words to EMPOWER & ENCOURAGE instead of tearing down.

If they can use their HANDS to bring UNITY and not fight!

If they can use their HEARTS & MINDS to TRANSFORM their position to one of a SOARING CHANGE; instead of being defensive and reactive to societal factors.

We BELIEVE the MAHLC students CAN & WILL perform at a level beyond compare because they are BIGGER than the letters “I” and “F”.

Our students will not answer to the terms that do not define them.  They are ABOVE and not beneath! They are the HEAD and not the tail.  They will be called into GREATNESS!!!

The TITLE they shall wear will be SUCCESSFUL EDUCATED LEADERS!!!